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Home Wrapping

Every car enthusiast loves to have a unique car on the road. While some people can't afford a Lotus Elise made entirely from carbon fibre, they can still have their existing vehicles customized to turn heads and reflect their own personalities. In the past, customizing your vehicle meant expensive paint jobs (often with custom airbrushed graphics. This required massive quantities of money and time if you could even find an expert who can complete the task in the first place.

This is the primary reason Leadx Car Body Shop is offering affordable car wrapping decals. We have been offering car wrapping services for the last 15 years, wrapping at least 600 vehicles yearly. Since we launched this service, it has been widely accepted and in great demand. One of the reasons for the increased demand is that vehicle wrapping is a cost-effective way of protecting your vehicle. Besides, you can update and change you vehicle wraps and graphics at any time. This makes it the perfect solution for your business advertisement needs and even you can advertise for other businesses if you are willing to do so.

At Leadx Car Body Shop, we offer a eye-catching vehicle wrapping. With over 16 years of experience in vehicle wrapping and general vehicle repair activities, we have the experience to create and apply stunning car graphics that will make you noticed. After all, people tend to look at the most attractive stuff – not the dull ones. Whether you are in search for commercial vehicle graphics, advert wraps for vehicle transport or just a cool and catchy graphics for your personal vehicle, Leadx Car Body Shop can provide it all.

There is no limitation on what we can do for your vehicle when it comes to wrapping; from partial car wraps to 'go faster' stripes, window tinting and fully body wraps to commercial vehicle wrapping, and more. Even if you need commercial vehicle applications such as safety labels and cheverons, Leadx Car Body Shop has got you covered.

Instead of painting your car, we will help you to wrap it with a special vinyl which has a broad range of colours to choose from. The colours range from gloss, matte colours, metallic, and more. Besides, we have mirror-finish like colours uber cool chrome gold and chrome. Whatever your colour preference is, we will get it, and get your vehicle wrapped the way you want.

At Leadx Car Body Shop, we believe in offering high-quality services and give the full value of our client's money. This is the primary reason we will first seek your consent when it comes to choosing the colour for your car wrapper. We will also work according to your schedule and at the same time ensure that the service is high-quality. The last thing we want is you staying without your vehicle just because it is in our car body shop being wrapped.

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