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With so many amateur investors joining the vehicle window tint industry, finding an experienced, professional, quality window tint shop can be an uphill battle especially if you don't know a competent company that can complete the tasks for you. With over 15 years of experience in the automotive film industry, the Leadx Car Body Shop is your priority choice for a professional window tint application.

As one of the most auto upgrade services, window tinting has gone on the rise with everybody doing it for both new and old cars. People do car window tinting for various reasons. Some do it to add comfort and security some just to upgrade the value of their rides. Expert window tint installation is recommended especially if you are looking for premium quality window tint.

We have equipped our shops with robust equipment that ensures proper window tinting. We also have a team of specialists professionally trained in car window tinting and Auto Body installation in general. Both resources give us enough privilege above the rest when handling automotive. With our vast experience in the window tinting industry, you can be assured that we will not be subjecting our staff to test with your vehicle: we will ensure that your windows are tinted professionally.

At Leadx Car Body Shop, one of our services in window tinting is conservatory tinting. The tinting comes with lots of advantages including superior work, lifetime warranty, highest quality film, unbeatable value, and expert installation. We use the latest window tint film from the leading manufacturers to carry out the task: a reason that always keeps our services in demand. Also, our team comprises of highly skilled specialists who will give your car the best tint second to none.

Occasionally your vehicles may be struck by vandalism actions that lead to severe damages of the car windows. At Leadx Car Body Shop, we offer security film tinting service that serves to reduce the risk of smash. The film is a multi-layer lamination that offers a shield to the traveling passengers, thus reducing the risk of any injury. Apart from the security reasons, the tinting also provides protection from the sun's heat and ultraviolet rays to keep you cool year round. With us, we let your car be your shield.

We sell and install window films for residential, commercial and automobile tinting applications. The films reject up to 97% of the sun's infrared light help keep your vehicle 'new' and comfortable. Also, we offer free decorative window films that enhance the elegant design and privacy of any window. Finally, solar tinting does not only covers your safety from sunlight, but external forces as well due to its confidentiality.

We provide world class services that will transform your old vehicles' look back to its manufacturers' finish. Our service team works 24- hours every day, and you can always reach us for any feedback question or concern about our services.

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