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Leadx Car Body Shop is a leading auto transportation company that has 15 years of experience in the vehicle repair and transportation industry. Our vast wealth of experience has resulted in successful delivery of the most distinguished service to our clients since our establishment. We have a deep connection in our networks that cover all parts of the United Kindom. Our services are delivered according to your schedule to avoid any inconveniences.

When you do a little shopping for the best transport organization out there, you will always find that nearly all of them present you with very same conventional solutions. At Leadx Car Body Shop, we do it differently, we first of all present to you our term and conditions ( which are friendly anyway) for the business before letting you sign any contract. This well-elaborated procedure gives you an opportunity to know what you expect long before you pay for the service.

Usually, it is paramount for you to assess the transport service provider before you allow them to commence their work. It is important for you to understand the methods they employ in finding your car to determine if the proceudres offer you what you want or not. Typically, they do present two options which are terminal to the terminal which means they will carry your car to their office and from there you can find how it gets to your home or door to door. The company understands all this and we, therefore, we've made our services quite flexible. We allow you to choose the package you wish to have. At Leadx Car Body Shop, we will transport your vehicle to where you need it to be.

Our delivery is quick and efficient. We have professional drivers who have a high focus on getting your work done within the set time frame. Our automobiles are well maintained and with enough space to accommodate both large and small tracks. Also, they have adamant holdings that provide stable holding of your car during the transportation to avoid any further damages due to falling.

We guarantee safe transportation of your vehicle to whichever destination. Leadx Car Body Shop provides a full security support for all its services. We have all our tracks fitted with Global Positioning System that helps our security team keep track of all its movements. Also, our company works in close collaboration with certified security agents to make sure we fully protect your car. We also follow defined routes that are considered secure from any possible theft. Apart from all these measures, we entrusted the public through our websites to feel free contacting us whenever they spot any suspicious matter with our tracks while on the roads.

For those who might need more information concerning our services, you can always reach us on our contact details available on our website.

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