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SMART is an acronym for small to medium area repair technology. It's a method for fixing small sections of vehicle bodywork damage. When performing the SMART repair, at Leadx Car Body Shop, we use special tools, materials, and plants to blend the repair with the surrounding section of the panel. Note that this repair technique is much cheaper and quicker than the traditional vehicle repair.

Scratches, scuffs, and minor dents can be repaired using this technique making it easy and cheap for the vehicle owners to get their vehicles in the right working condition. At Leadx Car Body Shop, we will restore your vehicle's bodywork in a few hours to make it look as good as new.

SMART vehicle repair is suitable for the following types of vehicle damages;

Paintwork scratches: scratches are not ugly but also degrade the value of your vehicle's resale value. As part of our SMART repair services, it will just take us a few hours to complete the repair task and affordable cost. During the repair process, colour matching is undertaken to ensure that it matches the manufacturer's original code specification. Therefore, our technicians will ensure that your vehicle's paint is restored without interfering with the other part of the car. Instead, they will only work on the damaged area.

Minor dents: At Leadx Car Body Shop, we have a good number of highly skilled specialists that can offer paintless dent removal services. As the name suggests, the vehicle dent repair is carried out without filling and then painting the damaged part. Not even panel replacement is required. Our technicians usually use methods that remove small dents by 'massaging' the damaged section and transforming the damaged panel so that it looks as good as new. If your car suffered minor dents especially where the paint isn't broken, paintless dent removal is an effective and cheap option of restoring your car's looks.

Bumper scuffs: such scuffs can impact the appearance of your car as well as affect its resale value. Instead of wasting your money replacing the entire bumper, our SMART repair technicians can work on the scuffed section and restore the value of your car.

Alloy wheel damage: if you spend some good amount of money to ensure that your vehicle has alloy wheels, then, you have to ensure that these wheels stay new. Unfortunately, accidents happen and kerbed and scuffed alloy wheels are inevitable. Instead of worrying about how you will avoid such occurrences, let Leadx Car Body shop worry about how to restore your wheels into the right condition.

We have 15 years of experience in the vehicle repair industry and we have been repairing more than 600 cars each year. All our customers are always satisfied and this has earned us a great reputation.

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