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Many times we try to be cautious while on road, parking or wherever we travel with our cars. However, somehow, someday we find ourselves in the garage with broken, scuffed, scratcheed, dented vehicles. The sorted damages on your car give it an unpleasant look that demeans its retail value. It is high time to walk out of such embarrassment by visiting Leadx Car Body Shop, for long-term solutions for car body repair involving paintwork protection and much more.

The company has sufficiently advanced over the past 15 years of its existence in offering vehiclce paint work protection services in the United Kingdom. The shop has put in significant investment in the latest art, and research equipment for the most advanced paint and powder coat finishes. Our team consists of well-trained specialists, self-motivated, and takes pride in their line of duty. Our services have received excellent reputation, making us appear among the best car body shop in the world. Our strategic position makes us accessible.

Leadx Car Body Shop offers different car paintwork solutions one of them being diamond spray formula. We understand harsh weather conditions and air and water pollutants we meet on the roads and parkings can cause a large degree of damage to the paintwork on your vehicle. For this reason, therefore, we provide a diamond Kote's which offers a unique and strong bond with the painted surfaces in a continuous film that guards the ravages of the damaging elements. Our color specialists are well-trained to handle all cases regarding diamond paint, and they will advise you appropriately on the best way forward.

Many times, we do have our cars exposed to bird's droppings, tree sap or insect remains on the paint finish. At Leadx Car Body Shop, we use the best techniques and products such as Safeguard to safely and completely remove them. Safegard works by removing all the impurities as well as microscopic imperfections within the paint finish. The whole process results into a unique and complex formulation that repels water and barring conventional pollutants for over three years. However, we will provide you with enough guidance on the best ways to care for your ride after the paint.

Our car body paintwork protection does not only serve the outside but inside as well. We provide upholstery treatment for all trucks. The treatment makes interior cleaning easier for spilled beverages and sticky sweets by simply dabbing up with tissue or any absorbent material. Also, it creates resilience against permanent stains from everyday spillages thus enhancing the appearance and residual value of your vehicle. Protect your vehicle from unwanted stains to avoid extra removal cost.

Despite our low rates, Leadx Car Body Shop will always go an extra mile to redeem the original appearance and value of your car. We have a reliable team that guarantees excellent handling of your ride as per the manufacturers' stipulations. We offer 24-hour services, and you can always reach our help desk for any help.

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