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Home Detailing

Vehicle detailing involves thorough cleaning, restoration, and finishing both inside and out to reveal the show-level of quality of detail. Leadx Car Body Shop boasts of professionals and experts in high-quality automotive detailing. We know that everyone values their investments and will always treat their vehicles with much care. Therefore, we guarantee that your car, van, or commercial vehicle will be handled by experts who value the asset as much as you do.

Our technicians are extensively trained and are all certified in automotive detailing services. Whether your vehicle needs polishing, buffing, odour removal, hand washing, waxing, or even paintless dent repair, we have experts to perform these services effectively.

At Leadx Car Body Shop, we offer complete vehicle detail. If you want your vehicle to be entirely refreshed, front to back, top to bottom, inside and out, contact us for complete vehicle detail. Our full vehicle detail services include the following.

Full exterior vehicle detail: we will wash, wax, and polish all the paint on your vehicle. Our experts will restore your vehicle's paint to its original condition. To achieve this, our experts use a high-speed buffer to apply compounds that will eliminate the oxidized paint as well as clearing the scratches and painted surfaces. To protect the finish, our experts will hand wax the car.

Full interior vehicle detail: our staff will shampoo the fabric inside the vehicle including fabric seats and floor mats. All interior parts of your vehicle including the dashboard, door panels, ash trays, and more will be thoroughly cleaned. If your vehicle has leather parts, we will use water based solution that is specially designed for leather cleaning. Besides, we will use compressed air to reach the vehicle areas that are hard to reach.

Engine detail: to ensure that your engine is spotlessly clean, we will spray it with degreaser and then steam-clean it. All the dirt and grime that might have accumulated on your vehicle's engine will be eliminated.

Wheel detail: we will wipe clean and polish your vehicle's wheels to shine. To make the wheels shine, we usually apply a wheel wax and this keeps prevents breaks dust from sticking on the wheels.

Exterior vinyl and plastic protectant: most trucks and cars use various types of plastic for cladding, bumpers, running boards, door handles, moldings, and more. Sometimes, this plastic might get exposed and make your car look older than it is. At Leadx Car Body Shop, we use a special protectant that will return the plastic on your vehicle to its original state.

We detail cars, vans, and commercial vehicles. These services are offered at affordable rates and choosing us will not be a waste of resources. To get more information about our vehicle detail services, contact us.

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