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Damaged Car Repair Manchester

Accidents happen when we sometimes least expect them. Whether primary or minor, we intend to restore your vehicle back to their manufacture's finish. At Leadx Car Body Shop, we provide a professional and customer focused superficial repair service for all kinds of vehicles using the latest and professional techniques.

For the past 15 years, we have been hitting our target of fixing over 600 cars every year. We have ideally located a fact that enables us to provide quotation free service to clients residing in or outskirts of Manchester City. Our professionally trained technicians offer 24-hour service and same day service completion, thus making us very reliable.

Some of the services we provide include;

Alloy wheel refurbishing

At Damaged car repair Manchester, we assess wheel functionality alongside other safety preferences before working on the damages. We further prime and heat-treat the wheels, apply two base coats before re-applying a 2k coat gloss lacquer to enhance durability. Finally, a deep shine followed by a final heat treatment giving your wheel an excellent look. This refurbished wheel is durable and isn't different from the new one in the markets.

Scratches and dent repair services

Small dents and scratches on your vehicle's body are hideous and may as well degrade it. Damaged car repair Manchester, offers a quick and efficient service of restoring all dents and dings using the current technology. Our professionally trained technicians provide complete scratch removal a process ensures no further damage like corrosion to your vehicles. Our work involves a thorough assessment of the scratch and availing paint work that matches that of the manufacturer thus eliminating scratches traces.

Bumper repair and replacement

Cars often get scuffed, deep scratches or even split either in the car park or even on the roads when it scratches against another. This damage may scratch off the paint revealing the black plastic underneath if it hasn't caused any dent. Such injuries may affect the bumper strips or corners, giving your car an ugly look. At Leadx Car Body Shop, we will completely offer you an excellent repair, and if need be as you would like it, we can replace it at an affordable price.

Vandal damage repairs

Eventualities can strike anyone, and for the vehicle owners, it may result in broken window panes, dents, dings or even scratches among many other damages. The result is an unpleasant look of your car that demeans its resale value. Damaged auto repair Manchester has specialists who will complete repair and eliminate such superficial damage. We have quick and efficient technicians who will always work around professionally give your vehicle its original look.

General body repair

Damaged car repair Manchester has a team of highly qualified technicians, professionally trained to in completing any car bodywork repairs to the full standard possible. Our body repair covers a broad range of damages, including; scuffs, dents, chips, scratches, cracks & splits. other areas we work on include doors, bumpers, boots, wing mirrors, grills, spoilers among other essential parts. The very best experience and workshop our technicians have to make us offer the highest services to our clients every time.

Panel replacement

Accidents or even age can damage or make your body panel look tatty respectively thus reducing its effectiveness. The authorization of the third party to sale vague body panels at abnormally cheaper has made people shun the replacement situations that further jeopardizes your car's functionality. In Damaged auto repair Manchester, we provide body panel replacement service for all vehicles at a reasonable price. Here is the deal, get your car handled by highly qualified professionals whose primary goal is to make sure your ride gets back to its original finish at the real right price. Damaged Car Repair Manchester will always make sure this is done exactly as per your wishes.

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