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You can drive carefully and adhere to all traffic rules in Nelson just to make sure that your vehicle doesn't suffer damages related to accidents. But you can't control every driver in the Nelson's busy streets. You might be unable to avoid a car that brushes with yours due to the other driver's recklessness. Therefore, instead of worrying about the scratches and dents that might attack your car, just understand that car repair Nelson is here to help.

For the last 15 years, clients have believed in our body repair service. Our car repair technicians make it hassle free because we do direct insurance billing and work according to your schedule to ensure that you don't stay without your vehicle for a long time. Our commitment is to restore your vehicle to its original condition. Our vehicle painting professionals will take away the peeling paint and spray your car with a matching paint that will make it as good as new.

Paintless dent removal and repair technique needs to be carried out by a trained technician. We are able to remove all scratches without the use of fillers or sanding. Paintless scratch and dent removal is affordable, therefore, saving you time and money saved you time and money. This technique preserves the vehicle's original company finish.

Our Alloy Wheel repair is the perfect alternative to replacing your wheels. Our technicians can repair curb rash, scrapes, and nicks. A coat of durable paint is used to give a more refined look and protect it from the weather elements. We provide a variety of color chrome to choose from for the final finish.

Leadx Car Body Shop is equipped with the latest frame align systems that we use on commercial vehicles to bring the body back to the correct alignment. After repairs, we run a comprehensive certification standard to make sure your vehicle is ready for the road.

We also offer professional bumper repairs services. It doesn't matter what type of plastic the bumper is made from; our specialists are able to re-enforce it back to its original strength. Whether it has deep scratches and dents or it has a crack, the final paintwork ensures that your bumper has no visible repair marks on it.

All our vehicle repair services are offered in a particular procedure. The initial step is to discuss with us how the vehicle suffered the damage. Then, our technicians will carefully evaluate the damage on your car and design a repair plan which we will send your insurance company to make the repair process smooth for you. We start working on your vehicle the moments you bring it to us. Trust us to bring back your vehicle back to its showroom shine. All our repair services are strictly guided by safety standards because we value your life.

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