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Car repairs Manchester

In an industry full of deception, you need someone you can trust and depend on who can handle your car needs in a professional way. At car repair Manchester, we have built a reputation and we have been serving different clients for over 15 years. With time, we have developed a customer base that is unmatched. Our repair shops have the capacity to handle over 600 vehicles every year and all our clients are usually satisfied by our services.

We offer Car bodyworks and repair services which involve inspection of a damaged car using advanced equipment that can detect the damage and recommend repair options. The results are then documented for insurance purposes. We can disassemble and repair structural damage keeping in mind your safety.

Apart from the robust technology and high-quality tools used in the process of repairing your vehicle, Leadx Car Body Shop boats of highly trained and thoroughly vetted team of technicians. The technicians will first estimate the damage your vehicle has suffered, analyze it, and recommend the right corrective measure.

At car body repair Manchester, we understand how expensive it is to fix dents and scratches. No one wants to fix dents and repairs then after a few days, the scratches get back again. Dent and scratches are repaired by straightening, buffing and polishing to give your car that smooth glossy finish that you desire. Our spray paints are long lasting and of superior quality and we can guarantee that the paint doesn't peel off.

Sometimes you feel like your sport car is not receiving the attention it deserves, and that is why we find it necessary to offer you a complete body repair. We can fix the exhaust pipe with mufflers to give it that extra edge. Re –sprays are also available if you want a total paint make over. A wide range of color scheme is also available for you to choose from. Whether it's that baby pink or screaming orange, don't Leadx Car Body Shop has got you covered.

You don't need to dig into your pocket to replace those alloy rims. We can refurbish you car alloy wheels and over you a chance to drive an alloy-wheeled car in Manchester streets. Surprisingly, the service won't empty your wallet but you will get maximum satisfaction.

A bent or scuffed wheel will be taken care of by our mechanics who understand wheels. We also handle vans and heavy commercial vehicles.

Don't worry about your damaged plastic bumper. If it's cracked, we will plastic-weld it and paint it to ensure that it retains its original appearance. We can also cater for vandalized cars that have shattered wind screens and other damages caused by vandalism.

Taking care of your car requires a high level of integrity which is highly upheld in Leadx Car Body Shop.

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