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No one knows when an accident will happen or when your car will be vandalized. At Leadx Car Body Shop, we offer a broad range of car repair services including full car bodyworks, fixing damaged paints, and even bent car frames can be fixed using advanced auto repair equipment that has been accredited by the automotive bureau.

With more than 15 years of experience in the car repair industry, our team of mechanics has gained a broad knowledge in fixing scratches and dents, vehicle pumper issues, and other car problems resulting from vandalism and minor accidents. We have been repairing over 600 vehicles every year and this proves how much our clients trust our services.

Damaged plastic bumpers can really ruin the functioning of your car. At car repair colne, we draw a line between replacing a bumper with a new one (which can be really expensive especially after an accident) and just restoring the damaged one to look as good as new which can save you a good amount. Your bumper will retain the same color tone and texture it once had. But if the damage is beyond repair we have a variety to choose from.

The same applies to dents and scratches. They really affect your car looks and it will take a specialist to give you the desired finish. The difference between Leadx Car Body Shop and other car repair companies is that we always check and counter check the color code and texture to ensure that we retain the original appearance of your vehicle.

Our state of the art equipment enables us to effectively detect defective parts on your damaged vehicle and gives us an upper hand to get to the root of the problem. It is not easy to detect damage on your car frames since it is not visible but our highly trained mechanics will detect the problem and fix it effectively. Welding can be done for preventive measures. Complete body work is also done from panel beating, buffing to re-sprays. We use the best quality of paint in the market to give your vehicle the desired look.

We repair scuffed alloy wheels by refurbishment. Alloy wheels are really expensive to buy, that is why at colne car repair shop we give you an option to repair and refurbish the alloy wheels. Our refurbishing technique will fix split rim wheels, studs and alloy wheel bolts. Panels can also be replaced using advanced welding equipment that does not damage the original manufacture look. Whether you need your wind shield replaced or the bumper, we have the expertise to handle such tasks.

We are capable of fixing all sorts of automobiles from small cars and vans to heavy commercial vehicles provided they have suffered from minor accidents.

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