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For outstanding vehicle repair services, car repair Burnley is known for offering full value of the client's money. Leadx Car Body Shop is dedicated to restoring your vehicle to its original state even after it was involved in a minor accident.

Minor car accidents, scratches, dents, and other minor issues can cause you a headache. In fact, it becomes hard for you to visit your friends and friends in Burnley or even take your family out for dinner. What if we could help in ensuring that your car doesn't suffer a downtime? At Leadx Car Body Shop, we will fix scratches and dents, plastic weld and paint your car bumper to make it functional, and more. We will first analyze the damage on your vehicle. Be it dents or scratches, car body damages, bumper issues, and more, we have experts who can analyze the damage and recommend the right corrective measure.

For the last 15 years, we have been repairing over 600 vehicles. This has not only given us many years of experience in the car repair industry but also earned us reputation in Burnley and the surrounding areas.

Body works is one of the many services that we offer. Depending on the extent of the body damage your car has suffered, our technicians and experts will analyze and make conclusion on how best they can repair the vehicle. Such robust vehicle repair process, you can be assured that the end results will be amazing.

For individuals who want a complete car body repair, we are able to handle that according to your requirements because we have all the resources required to complete such tasks. Straightening the bent bonett or boot and even panel beating to give the car the curves and corners it once had are some of things our experts will do.

If you need to give your car a different shade of color, a wide range of color spray shades is available. Whether you prefer that cool blue or that hot red, we provide the highest possible quality re-sprays. If you don't know the colors you need, our experts will help you to choose one that impresses you.

We also provide alloy wheel refurbishment leaving them sparkling. We can replace old set of wheels with new ones. We have trained and certified technicians that will take care of the blemishes on your alloy wheels. Besides we offer van and commercial vehicles repairs services. Therefore, you don't have to put your businesses in Burnley at standstill just because your truck has a bumper issue.

We can also handle damaged plastic bumper damage and replacements, vandalized vehicles and panel replacements. All these services are offered at affordable costs with no hidden expenses.

Leadx Car Body Shop offers 24-hour emergency services. If your car was involved in a minor accident and it can't start, you can contact us to help. We will send our technicians to your location as soon as possible to help you.

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