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Car Body Shop Burnley offers you an opportunity to get more from your vehicle by effectively unlocking its potential. We believe that more pulling power means more miles per gallon, and a smooth drive. According to our automotive experts, ECU remapping is specially designed to unlock additional power and better performance from your vehicle’s engine. This is exactly what we do at Leadx.

In most cases, manufacturers limit the level of performance of both diesel and petrol cars. This is necessary to pave a way for the engine to be taken care of poor driving conditions, poor servicing, or even low quality fuel. You can get these limitations uplifted by a reliable ECU remap service provider to achieve full performance of your vehicle’s engine. At Car Body Shop Burnley, we offer excellent car remapping in various regions in the United Kingdom.

With our services, you can achieve the following;

  • Lower carbon dioxide emissions and lower fuel expenses
  • Efficient running and accurate gear changing
  • Enhanced pulling power – Torque and BHP
  • Excellent performance in terms of speed

Our company has been serving countless car owners over the last couple of years. We have earned an outstanding reputation as a highly reliable car remapping service provider. According to the reviews left by our previous customers, Car Body Shop Burnley is one of the top companies that focus on client satisfaction and offering the full value for their customers’ money.

Car Body Shop Burnley takes pride in having outstanding ECU remap software and other necessary tools. We also have highly experienced technicians who have undergone intensive training and have many years of experience. These technicians can successfully utilize the right equipment to safely remove all the limits imposed on your car’s engine by the ECU manufacturer. Thus, your vehicle’s engine will not only deliver more torque and BHP but also the engine will be smooth across the rev band, providing an entirely new release of life for the vehicle.

Well, ECU remapping is becoming increasingly popular with car enthusiasts and turners. The amazing advancements in engine technology such as a car engine being turbocharged and downsized mean that ECU remapping is safer, offer better results than before, and can be performed at an affordable cost. Note that it takes our technicians between 30 minutes and one hour to perform car remapping and the use of highly sophisticated tools and equipment make the entire process accurate and reliable.

At Car Body Shop Burnley, we believe in offering the best services to our customers. This is the main reason we have invested on the best ECU remapping software, acquired the best and most reliable car remapping technicians, and handle each our client’s requests carefully. Indeed, we believe in offering timely services (to avoid wasting our customers’ precious time) and charge affordable services. Choosing our services means that you can expect to make significant savings on both car remapping costs and the car maintenance expenses.

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