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At Leadx Car Body Shop, we understand that vehicles suffer scratches and dents. To offer you an effective solution, we have assembled a team that will first analyze and estimate the scratch or dents and decide on the perfect approach to eliminate them. Our technicians are well trained and know how they are supposed to carry out their work with diligence. The outcome of the service is totally money saving and designed to give you a relief on your budget.

Besides, we have the right equipment to enable our staff deliver the finest quality of repair work. Our technicians use trade techniques that are supposed to maintain the pristine nature of the car to look like it just came out of the showroom. We have specialists, who deal in panel beating, clipping, and alignment.

For alloy wheel refurbishment services, we integrate a skimming tool to re-align and refurbish alloy wheels of any size or vehicle. The team that manages this tool is highly experienced in using the tool to make sure that the final work is top notch quality without any bends. We let you choose the color you want for the alloy wheels. This means that you have an option of using the universal color coding to find a perfect match.

At Car body shop Trawden, we know that every car has to be serviced after a given mileage coverage. Once you bring your vehicle to us, we will look at the gearbox, air conditioning system, the steering system, gas, and the braking system and make all the necessary changes. For the heavy commercial vehicles we normally do engine diagnosis equipment that can also be used for other types of vehicles.

Our Car Body Shop in Trawden has a team of expert diagnostic technicians who assess the extent of the damage in your vehicle bumper and start the restoration procedure by removing all signs of scratches, dents, indentations or scrapes. An appropriate mix of paint is be used to create the perfect texture to match the body of the car.

In case your car suffered vandal damage, we will identify dents, scratches, and cracks and then do repair work and finally replace the missing body parts. We always involve our clients in every step of the way to make sure that every proposed change is approved by the client before we proceed with repair work.

Leadx Car Body Shop in Trawden has a well-stocked auto shop making sure that you get what you want in the shortest possible. We install car body parts, rusty panels, bumpers, lights, radiators and many more. Feel free to pick any panel you want for your car and our team of experts will help you fix it.

We also have an accessory shop near the main entrance whose purpose is to stock various car parts and accessories from reputable vendors who supply us with 100% original car accessories and parts.

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