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If you are looking for an auto collision repair shop in Nelson, you will also be pleased that our services are done by passionate team of people who want the best for your car. Repairing more than 600 cars annually, no other company surpasses Leadx Car Body Shop in auto body repair services. Our team of mechanics is well versed in different types of dents or scratches that are found in vehicles, and therefore, you can be assured that our repair work is done to look good and last long. We use Paint Dent Removal (PDR) technique that gets rid of all the scratches without damaging the panel.

Our fully operational spraying oven enables us to undertake all sorts of painting jobs from full to partial resprays. We have an array of custom spraying combinations that will match what you want for your car. We also specialize in body repair services such as panel replacement, alignment and finishing, and all these services are done to the highest industry standards.

Car Body Shop Nelson offer high-quality repair services and we always desire to achieve the manufacturer-original finish by using the latest technology and a mix of complex paint systems to refurbish your alloy wheel. We also offer car full body repair work, welding, straightening, and customizing the car body according the client's specifications.

We will work on your van or truck with effective speed to ensure that it goes back to the road as soon as possible. We cover a broad range of commercial vehicles such petrol tankers, tippers, trailers etc. Car Body Shop Nelson are known for high quality van and commercial vehicle maintenance and repair works. Leadx Car Body Shop is dedicated to ensure that your business doesn't suffer downtimes because of delays caused by a broken down commercial truck.

We use bumperite repair system to make sure that your vehicle's bumper retains its original look. The repair kit we use offers a flexible solution that will not crack or form flakes as is common with paints. The hot staple kit that offers a faster solution to bumper restoration has weld gun that can be used in welding plastics without causing any visible damage.

We use a high-quality primer on the already flattened bumper to apply fillers effectvely. We use water based painting technology to seal the damaged areas. Our carefully selected paints and blending ensures that the repaired area matches the whole bumper. After an application of lacquer, we cure and harden the bumper using infra-red heaters.

We always want to give your car the same look it had the day you took it from the show room. We have technicians who have hands-on skills on replacing different types of panels for all car makes and models. We take our time to make sure that all parts fit in well and are aligned with the rest of the car body.

We have built a reputation on the quality of service and working within the rules and regulations of the industry. We work on the philosophy of giving you the best so that you can keep your vehicle on a road-worthy state for a long time.

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