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The expectation of returning your vehicle to its original or even better condition after an accident can be very high to any car owner. At Car Body Shop Manchester, this is our great concern. We aim offering you services that meet your expectations. We have a team of motivated car repair specialists committed to ensuring premium and timely car repair service.

We have specialized in auto body repair as well as paint services for the last 15 years repairing more than 600 cars each year. Our goal stands, and we always aim at it by providing high-quality auto repair services to our customers. Our location, a short distance from Manchester's' urban, makes us ideally placed to offer fast and efficient service for both the motor trades and the private clients. Also, we offer 24-hour customer service, and you can always contact us for any inquiry.

At Leadx Car Body Shop, we understand that for whatever reason, either malicious or innocuously, scratches and dents are a real annoyance to any car owner. Our dent and scratch repair service are second to none. The service involves paintless dent removal method which by far is cost efficient and practical. We employ the latest techniques and technology in removing the dents with no need for filling or painting.

Our reputation for offering best car body repairs and resprays to both commercial and personal vehicles for various clients has remained unbeatable since we joined the industry. We provide world-class service regarding panel beating, rust removal among other related services with a mission of getting you back your 'new' car.

Also, our team will provide your vehicle with necessary modifications that minimize rusting in some parts by reinforcing the fragmented or the rusted areas with new and appropriate metals. We fully restore your vehicle's body by first of all shaping the deformed metallic body before eliminating any rust, beating the panel or spraying. Our service is eligible in giving you back your worn our car with a beautiful piece of art.

At Car Body Shop Manchester, we believe that a car's aesthetic quality is significantly influenced by the nature of wheels. This is the primary reason we offer exceptional alloy refurbishment of wheels. We will ensure that your car's wheels are of the best quality by the end of the repair process.

Bumper damages caused by minor accidents can unpleasant. Car Body Shop Manchester will conduct a thorough inspection to determine the extent of damage before deciding the best way to plastic–weld it, restoring it to its original state.

Occasionally, vehicles get exposed to vandalism which inflicts damage to paintwork, bodywork and other exposed parts. Nevertheless, car keys or other metallic objects may also cause dents on any vehicle tarnishing its good look. Such damages are quick and efficiently solved at Body Shop Manchester giving your car its original look.

If your vehicle has been in use for a long time, probably you might have noticed unoriginality on its body that may have resulted from damages. At Car Body Shop Manchester, we replace the panels and restore your car's value efficiently. If you have any enquiries, contact us today.

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