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Give your car the edge you have always wanted. Forget mileage; it's the looks and maintenance which is put in a car that matters. At Car Body Shop Colne quality and looks is what speaks for itself once we finish repairing your car. With over 15 years of repairing cars for various clients in Colne, we will ensure your car has that extra edge you have always desire.

Car Body Shop Colne is a branch office for Leadx Car Body Shop, a vehicle repair company dedicated to offer flawless vehicle repair services. We have been handling over 600 cars every year. This implies that we have the right facilities and human resources to repair large number of cars. Here are the services we offer.

Bodywork services

Using the state of art technology our mechanics and motor vehicles electricians can offer solutions according to the customers taste and preferences. If your car gets involved in a minor accident, we are ready to correct the distorted car body shape and make it better.

Dent and scratches

At Lead X Car Body Shop we understand how expensive it is to fix dents and scratches that is why we take time to analyze and fix your car to make sure you get value for your money.

Complete body repair and re-sprays

If you feel like your car needs a complete makeover, our team is ready for the challenge. Accident-related damages and climate elements which leaves your car totally messed up are in our to-do-list. Whether it's boot or bonnet issue, our panel beating services are done superbly to your cars original curvy look.

Our paint jobs are specially done to meet your desired preferences. We have a wide range of different color shades to suit your needs. From dull, bright to metallic paints, we have a broad range of colors for you to choose from.

Alloy wheels and refurbishments

Just like your shoes tell a lot about you, your car wheels says a lot about your vehicle. After you are satisfied with the body its time give your wheels that glossy shiny touch. Whether you need refurbishing or a total make over our specialized team will have your wheels sparkling clean in no time.

Van repairs and commercial vehicle repair

We handle all sorts of vehicles from sport cars, vans to heavy commercial vehicles. Our garage is a one stop shop for all of automobiles. Our spare parts are durable are comes with warranties.

Plastic bumper repairs

Bumper damage is a nuisance to any car owner. If not fixed properly, it can leave an irritating feeling especially on money spent for repairs. At leadX Car Body Shop, we offer high-quality plastic bumper repairs that will leave a lasting impression on your vehicle.

Vandal damage repairs We also cater for cases of vandalism. In case your car was vandalized, we are able to pick up the pieces and put them back together.

Replacement panels

Where panel replacement is needed, our professional team will advice on the best and effective way to go about it.

Lead x car body shop is always open to views and opinion from our estimeed customers that help to improve our services.

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