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Bring your car to Leadx Car Body Shop and you will enjoy the perfect makeover we will give your car. We usually use genuine spare parts and high level diagnostic machines that finetunes your car to it shiny showroom appearance. Our repair assessment is based on honesty and unbiased opinion. Our technicians will give a clear billing outline that explains why every step is needed.

Let us help you remove paint scratches from your car or any other dent that may be present on the bumpers or your alloy rims. We only work to target the affected area to minimize spreading the damage to the other parts of the car's body. Our work is done within a few hours but with the results matching commercially accepted standards. This is a minor service that can be done at your home by use of our mobile repair kit.

You may be having a car that is getting old or you just want to customize your car to reflect your personality and taste. Full body repairs and painting services are available and can be customized to match the car of your dreams. We will guide you on how to get the best colour match. Whether it is an accidental damage or the urge to satisfy the need to have a specific customization, visit Leadx Car Body Shop.

We offer quick alloy wheel replacements in all our workshops. Rim straightening, revamp, repair of cracks, and corrosive effects are just part of what constitute an array of things we do just to make sure you get the best Alloy wheel in the market. We offer good service to keep our customers dedicated to being served at our branches.

Car body shop Bury is considered to be one of the biggest centre for commercial and van repair. We give high-quality service to clients, this eliminates any point of failure when using the vehicle. We have partnered with different heavy commercial dealers to give you the best replacements parts from genuine dealers and manufacturers. We have enthusiastic technicians that are well versed in the latest repair technologies.

Leadx Car Body Shop will repair your cracked, dented or scuffed bumper within three hours if the damage is minimal. For deeply rooted plastic bumper damage we take our time to give the best result. We have the best painters in the industry who have a long history in the auto shop industry.

Car Body Shop Bury are specialized in repairing small dents and problems caused by vandals such as restoring the steering wheel, central locking system, Refurbishment of the dashboard, and replacing any stolen car part or accessories. We can also work hand in hand with your insurance company to make sure that you get back your car as soon as possible.

The reputation we have in terms of quality and dealing with the most trusted dealers worldwide, Leadx Car Body Shop does not run out of stock on car replacement parts. Our staff will always be there on standby to help you choose a replacement for your car. Our experience in the auto industry has expanded our knowledge of various mobile technologies that are making working on your vehicle at home or at the scene of the accident.

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