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You may have recently picked up small damage to your lovely car, van, or your commercial vehicle. Regardless of the size of the vehicle, a scuff, dent, scratch or crack can result in serious impact on the overall value of your car. The traditional approach to vehicle repair is taking it to the local garage and stay without your car for at least a week, not to mention the huge price you will be required to pay to collect your vehicle. However, at Leadx Car Body Shop, we believe in reliable, timely, and convenient services at pocket-friendly prices.

Scratched, curbed, or scuffed alloy wheels can distort the appearance of your car. Though replacing the wheels is an option, it an expensive one. After all, the lasting thing you want is to squander your money. At car body shop Brierfield, we can refurbish your car's wheels to restore their appearance. Our operational alloy wheel scuff and scratch removal service will give your wheels elegant finish. We usually ensure that the wheels colours match the car body colour.

Despite how careful you are to ensure that your vehicle doesn't get scratches, eventually you will end up with a scratched car. Perhaps your car will be scratched by tree branches sticking out on a country lane, misjudging a wall, or even someone scratched it using a sharp object. If your car has such issues, just bring it to us. We have various ways of eliminating vehicle's paintwork scratches depending on how bad the scratch is and the size of the damaged area.

If your car has light scratches, we can use our special polish formulas and machine polishers and polish out the damage. In other cases, we usually need to mix the right paint and spray the panel. At car body shop Brierfield, we believe that products evolve and the old cellulose paints are not among the products we are allowed to use on your vehicle.

Apart from the scratches caused by stones, accidents, and other sharp objects, vandals can cause scratch and dent issues on your vehicle. Some companies prefer filling the scratch with a body filler or gel. This is okay, but it's a short term solution, because fillers tend to expand when exposed to high temperatures. Our technicians will first sand out the scratch, then apply the right filler to ensure that the filler expands evenly without cracking.

A deep scratch or dent on your vehicle's bumper should not give you a headache. All isn't lost. Also, buffer scuffs are a common bumper problem. However, the fact that you had a rub with another car or a post doesn't imply that you should drive around in a vehicle that looks untidy. We can repair the bumper by removing all those scratches and dents to ensuring that your vehicle is in a good condition.

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