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Cars are manufactured in different models to suite varying tastes, and our body shop is well suited to match up these variations. That is why any visit you make to our Blackburn Car Body Shop leaves you a happy person. We work with any car model and we go beyond impossibilities to serve you better.

Dents will make your car look an older version of itself, dents tend to attract scratches which in turn will start rusting and reduce your car's worth. Leadx Car Body Shop has a special team of experts that are specifically trained to remove such anomalies using the special dent repair service that eliminate the scratches leaving it flawless.

We are getting into the big league as the leading vehicle accident repair and painting centre. We spray booths, perform chassis alignment, cab alignment, repair spray booths and shot blasting. We also paint your vehicle with the choice of colour you want whether it is re-painting or applying a new coat of paint.

The personal touch you will experience as we work on your wheel alloys will transform your car into the most beautiful artwork in the neighbourhood. We listen to our customers in order to maintain high-quality standards that our competitors cannot match. Increase your car's value by investing in our Wheel Alloy Refurbishment service.

Leadx Car Body Shop are specialists in light repair and maintenance work for vans and commercial vehicles with a long wheelbase. Our modern workshop will enable us to look after your commercial vehicle in the most convenient and efficient manner. Our repairs are approved because we employ the best team of auto engineers from the region.

Bumpers are most visible part of the car; a slight bend or crack will deny your vehicle the bragging rights. our shop has the most appropriate and safe bumper repair system. Working with us simply means you have the tools and the best team available in the market to manage your car. Our safety standards are also a big factor when working on your car. Bumpers are tested to conform to the industry required specifications before being fitted into your car.

Vandalism affects the vehicles bodywork, paint and body panels. Some scratches could be as result of the car keys commonly found on the doors. Our chipaway technique in addition to the high-level tools and kits maintains the quality of your vehicle. We have great painters who work to ensure dents disappear completely. Feel free to user our courtesy car as you wait for your car to be finished.

One of the tools that we use to install panels and accessories to the vehicles is a panel repair kit. This kit makes work easier as it eliminates the need for welding parts together. We flange the panels before bonding them with an adhesive and finally we flush rivet them eliminating the joint that makes corrosion possible.

Our full range of services is guaranteed to give you at least 12 months of service without fail. A visit to our shop in Blackburn is an assurance of long lasting quality service.

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