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In the vehicle repair industry, to be the best car body shop requires forming alliances with reliable and experienced suppliers who deliver top quality vehicle repair parts and accessories. Leadx Car Body Shop understands this, a reason we have partnered with vehicle parts and tools suppliers who offer high-quality stuff. With that, you can be assured of perfect vehicle repairs and makeover services.

For small dents and scratches, we have a mobile service that is dedicated to serve you 24 hours a day. We strive to ensure that you get back your car in the shortest time possible. We use paint less technology by rubbing the off all the unwanted marks and restore the body to its original form. We also use this technology to repair damages or dents caused by hailstorms. We do not use any filler to repair dents.

Body scuffs and damages on the cars paintwork need to be addressed by panel beating and applying paint to the affected area so that it does not lose its original appearance. The kind of service we offer will give you peace of mind because we make sure you get your car back in a matter of days.

Alloy Wheels that have been scratched or damaged by the curb can be effectively repaired in our shop. Our touch of excellence enhances the value of your car by giving it a refreshing new look. Leadx Car Body shop is fully equipped and only hires experienced workers who make sure that your wheel alloys last for the longest time while in use. Our Wheel Alloy Refurbishments are done at an incredibly affordable rate.

Carrington Car Body Shop is a one-stop auto centre that will cater for every van and commercial vehicle repair works. We give special rates to those that bring their fleet for routine maintenance. Our commercial service centre is manned by experienced mechanical experts who operate every day of the week to ensure availability when you need them most.

Annoying bumper scratches are taken care of by use of a specialized repair technique that works faster compared to the commonly used panel beating. We assure you of convenience by being reachable on phone any time of the day. Our prices on plastic bumper repairs are the friendliest in Accrington Area.

Our mechanical technicians will restore your car even when vandals cause a lot of damage. They are skilful and their experience in damage repair is unmatched. We will clean up the vehicle to remove all debris that may have been left in the car. We use the most practical damage assessment philosophy that will match the exact cost of repair.

Leadx Car Body Shop supplies and installs various body panels that may be missing or just for replacement. The commonly fixed accessories at the shop are weather stripping, rocker panels, door handles, lights, mirror, fasteners and floor mats.

Special services like tail-lift maintenance and shutter repair are also available. We are widely known for both minor and major repairs. We work with you to minimise the long-term effects of poor vehicle maintenance.

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