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Alloy Wheel Refurb

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Are your car wheels scuffed, kerbed or suffered any other damage as a result of minor road accident? Leadx Car Body shop offers high-quality alloy refurbishment services at pocket-friendly price.

Lately, the use of alloy wheels has risen with for most automotives in the United Kingdom. However, their high prices in the market do not measure their resistivity to the regular and unplanned damages that occasionally come to vehicles. At Leadx Car Body Shop, we value the original, pleasant look and functionality of your vehicle thus we guarantee full and quick service to return it back on the road.

Alloy wheel refurbishment is used as an umbrella to cover a various number of processes. Powder coating and wet spray combination are one of them. The process involves total color alteration of the wheel to its original finish. The process is necessary when the wheel is severely damaged, or the destruction covers a large part that is beyond cosmetic repair. We have well-equipped and trained specialist who undertake the task to your satisfaction. First, they will remove the old coatings and fix both damaged and corroded parts before re-applying an entirely new finish to it. It gives an excellent finish and makes it durable.

Secondly, we have the diamond cut wheel service. The process is more or less the same with that of powder coating refurbishment only that there is an addition of diamond cut lathe. The machine removes a slight section of the metal so as to give an excellent finish to the classic diamond cut. At Leadx Car Body Shop, we allow you to bring your wheels to us without the tires. Alternatively, we can strip and refit the tires and re-balance the wheels at no extra cost.

The last process alloy wheel refurbishment involves cosmetics. In initializing this process, we usually take your car through a thorough damage assessment for us to determine the significance of cosmetic repair to it. Once we certify the suitability, our technical team will advise you appropriately on the best way forward before starting the repair. Upon your agreement, the restoration will begin immediately with a thorough cleaning of the damaged areas of the wheel then a cautious removal of the damage using varying degrees of smoothing media. The two processes are then followed by full painting of the wheel before fitting the tires, balancing it and fixed back it to your car. The whole process gives your vehicle spending look that lasts sufficiently long.

At Leadx Car Body Shop, our team consists of self- motivated members who provide safe, superior vehicle repairs at reasonable rates. Our services come with outstanding extras such as towering services and efficient transport service.

For inquiries or comments, we have a customer care team that provides 24-hour service. If you want a premium quality alloy wheel refurbishment services, contact us.

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