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Accident Damaged Car Repair Colne

Looking for that one stop repair shop that offers outstanding services? Then colne accident repair shop is the place to be. We offer recommendable work on cars that have been involved in minor accidents. Our strong reputation is built on trust established over the years with our satisfied clients.

Leadx Car Body Shop has been in operation for over 15 years and has car experts with experience on this line of work. We know how hard it is to find a trustworthy car repair shop that offer value for your money. This is the primary reason our services are always high-quality. We have been handling at least 600 vehicles yearly and this proves that we have the necessary resources to handle large numbers of vehicles.

We offer a couple of services which include body works done by our well-trained team of technicians and experts. These individuals use advanced equipment for diagnosis and repairs. And that is not all. They also check for preventive repairs to avoid future problems that might be caused by the current car damage.

At car repair shop colne, dents and scratches are also taken care of. There is no need to replace your bumper when we can easily straighten it and paint it to look as good as new. But if the damage is extensive we can replace it too. One thing you should know is that we will first analyze the extent of damage your vehicle has suffered, then, come up with the perfect solution for your vehicle.

Complete body work can be recommended for cars that have suffered body damage. We can restructure and weld the cracked car body according to your preferences. Getting the right color scheme can be tricky especially if you are dealing with armatures. However, at car repair Colne, we usually use the latest and high quality spray paint available in the market which offers a wide variety of paints and color schemes.

Panel replacement is also done in our shops. We use new and durable spare parts that will keep you on the road for a long time and keep the tow car away. Don you just hate it when you done with a repair shop and on checking your bumper the color is all wrong and does not match your car. At repair shop colne we make sure that your bumper retains its original color tone and the smoothness it once had.

If your car is vandalized, you need not to worry. Our mechanics team will work on the issue. From scuffed alloy wheels to shattered wind shields our team of expert and technicians are up to task. We handle all sorts of vehicles from sport cars to heavy commercial vehicles. Our garage is a one stop shop for all manner of automobile repair services.

At colne car repair shop we are committed to offer services that give value to your money leaving you satisfied.

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