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Accident Damaged Car Repair Burnley

Just because a car got involved in an accident, doesn't mean, it can't be repaired. We have a broad array of car repair services aimed at fixing accident damaged vehicles.

Some of the body repair services we offer include bumper repair, tracing water leaks and repair, paintwork and respraying, car-lock repairs, panel replacement, scratch removal, rust removal and dent removal. Our repair facility handles all types of vehicles with ease and so, you do not need to look for a specialist dealer for your car model.

For damaged cars, we carry out car body repairs such as panel beating, panelling, and rust removal to make sure your car maintains its brand new look. We use plastic weld to repair dents and cracks from bumpers, reduce oxidation levels to eliminate the chances of the bumper rusting.

Car body repair requires the hands of skilled personnel to restore the car's structural integrity by moulding, rust removal, panel beating, car dent removal, and eventually finalize on the required modifications. After the making the modifications, we treat body against rust before applying a filler and primer. Finally, we respray the vehicle with your preferred colour.

We jiggle panels into the alignment of the vehicle when repairing damaged bumpers, chassis, or panels. We a use a 2 mm thick steel to do the reinforcement work on the chassis, afterwards, the full body work repair commences.

A paint job needs a lot of preparation, and that is why our accident repair section in Burnley will mask all the areas that don't need a new coat of paint. Such areas include the headlights, windscreens, door handles, and alloy wheels. Typically, we carry out paintwork to remove dents, rust, and scratches.

Once we have applied the primer, we clean the body service by blowing air hose to remove any particles of dust. Ultimately, the spraying unit will set in with a matching coat of paint and finally move the car into the oven to dry it up.

We understand the value alloy wheels add to your vehicle. The Car Body Shop in Burnley has capable technicians who are specifically trained to handle alloy wheel replacements and refurbishments. Depending on the scale of damage, we can repair the alloy wheels while they are still attached to the vehicle. We may also remove them for specialized care. You do not need to worry if you need full wheel replacement, as we have different varieties that you can choose from.

If you have a broken window as a result of an accident, you do not have to see it as a big loss. Let us make an honest assessment and our team of experts will carry out the replacement and the winding mechanisms all at once.

If you get involved in an accident, there are several things you should do. First, be calm and safe and ensure all other occupants of the vehicle are okay. Second, get the details of the other driver and call the relevant authorities. Exchange insurance information and call a towing company if you are not able to continue with the journey

And, don't forget to call Car Body Shop in Burnley to fix any damages caused by the accident.

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