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Alloy Wheel Refurb

Are your car wheels scuffed, kerbed or suffered any other damage as a result of minor road accident? Leadx Car Body shop offers high-quality alloy refurbishment services at pocket-friendly price. Lately, the use of alloy wheels has risen with for most automotives in the United Kingdom. However, their high prices in the market do not measure their resistivity to the regular and unplanned damages that occasionally come to vehicles. At Leadx Car Body Shop, we value the original, pleasant look and functionality of your vehicle thus we guarantee full and quick service to return it back on the road.


Every car enthusiast loves to have a unique car on the road. While some people can't afford a Lotus Elise made entirely from carbon fibre, they can still have their existing vehicles customized to turn heads and reflect their own personalities. In the past, customizing your vehicle meant expensive paint jobs (often with custom airbrushed graphics. This required massive quantities of money and time if you could even find an expert who can complete the task in the first place.


Vehicle detailing involves thorough cleaning, restoration, and finishing both inside and out to reveal the show-level of quality of detail. Leadx Car Body Shop boasts of professionals and experts in high-quality automotive detailing. We know that everyone values their investments and will always treat their vehicles with much care. Therefore, we guarantee that your car, van, or commercial vehicle will be handled by experts who value the asset as much as you do.


Regardless of how you use your vehicle, it is important to keep it looking great. Having your vehicle valeted regularly enhances its aesthetic value and if you intend to resale the vehicle, it will still retain its value. Leadx Car Body Shop is dedicated to valet your vehicle at pocket-friendly prices. Therefore, instead of spending your weekends applying car shampoo and wax, contact us and one of our experts will valet your vehicle.

Paintwork Protection

Many times we try to be cautious while on road, parking or wherever we travel with our cars. However, somehow, someday we find ourselves in the garage with broken, scuffed, scratcheed, dented vehicles. The sorted damages on your car give it an unpleasant look that demeans its retail value. It is high time to walk out of such embarrassment by visiting Leadx Car Body Shop, for long-term solutions for car body repair involving paintwork protection and much more.

Window Tinting

With so many amateur investors joining the vehicle window tint industry, finding an experienced, professional, quality window tint shop can be an uphill battle especially if you don't know a competent company that can complete the tasks for you. With over 15 years of experience in the automotive film industry, the Leadx Car Body Shop is your priority choice for a professional window tint application.

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